There is one (1) Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow in this picture. It cannot be seen.

Utilizing the latest in yet-to-be-discovered technological advances, the BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft Inc. Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow promises to bring to life a new generation of video games that are more real than reality. And that's saying a lot.

Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow In Depth:

How is this Possible?

Never operate your Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow without the cooling subsystem in place!

It has been brought to our attention that some people, upon reading the first section, did not immediately purchase a Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow. O ye of little faith! The full details, in all of their splendour, will now be revealed!

The HyperPotato 2000

The source material for a HyperPotato 2000 macroprocessor
The Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow can achieve its astounding performance mainly through use of the HyperPotato 2000 macroprocessor, so called because each is carved by hand from an authentic Idaho potato, grown in a special shiny field handed down through 700 generations of Mexican Pygmy Beets.

A proud family of Mexican Pygmy Beets
The HyperPotato 2000 is able to perform vast calculations in the space of trillionths of a second. How? Using special MicroHyperChannelSubspaceBozo™ technology, the HyperPotato transcribes the problem to be solved on small sheets of paper and sends them through a wormhole to the future, where (or rather when) billions of tiny elves work them out by hand, then pass the answers back through the wormhole where they are vaporized to unleash the secret 17 herbs and spices that make up all answers.

A HyperPotato elf awaiting instructions

Operating System

Bobsoft 1337dows 95-billion
Of course more than great hardware is needed for a great (or in this case really-ultra-super-great) video game system, so we at BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft wrote a really great operating system to run upon this most spiffy of consoles. Development took approximately 10 seconds, and though some small aspects of the OS were borrowed from other sources I'm sure you'll agree that 1337dows 95-billion is a whole lot cooler than that other operating system that looks and behaves exactly the same except for the startup logo.


An image from Earth: The Game

At the time of this writing 0,000,000 developers have signed up to support the Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow, but desipte this overwhelming third-party support BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft is writing its own awesome games for the Most Powerful System On Earth Or In Any Nearby Galaxies™:
Earth: The Game
You play the earth. With its incredible power the Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow is able to simulate the precise behavior of every person, tree, car and sheep (plus 2,600+ other being types with the expansion pack!) on the planet at once, and render them with perfect realism and accuracy. As the earth you spin around the sun and your own axis. You can do nothing with various buttons on the included Control Pad-ish-thingy.
AND: Grammer Adventures in Smelly Land
AND stands for And N D, which means something if you look at it from a right angle to reality (which you can finally do with the PCB2C!). You play the word "and" and you run around fitting into sentences to make them work right. The sentences all involve something that smells.
And That About It For Now...
This isn't really a game, its just an entry in the list to let you know that there are no more games in the list. This kind of list-writing competence is what seperates BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft, Inc. from lesser entertainment companies.
As if that wasn't entertaining enough, in a blatant move to escape having to write any real games the Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow supports games from all known (and several unknown!) video game systems, giving the PCB2C a vast library of titles with no extra effort on the part of the developer. How is such an awesome technological feat accomplished? Simply! Inside of the case is every other video game system ever made, all wired together in perfect harmony. Games are beamed to users of the PCB2C from the BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft space station at speeds in excess of 1 gajillion bytes/second. Access is unlimited for a small monthly fee of YOUR SOUL and one (1) Jade Monkey.

But What About Copyrights (This thing->©)?

"Ah," you say, "I have found a flaw in your flawless plan to deliver pure gaming pleasure to people worldwide!"

"What?" demands the god of videogaming, BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft, Inc. "How dare you blaspheme against the name of the Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow! Repent, subscribe to the official monthly magazine Useless News About Video Games, and ye may yet be saved!"

"I shall do no such thing!" you insist, mortal slime that you are, "for the mighty Copyright Force shall descend upon you like a theif in the night, stripping you of your billions ill-gotten from sale of the games of others! Ye reap what ye did not sew; indeed you, BobSoft, should repent, that the coming hammer blow will strike in a non-lethal manner, injuring only several important organs rather than them all!"

"FOOL!" thunders the almighty BobSoft, "The repository of ROMs is a mighty space fortress, defended by massive batteries of laser cannon, surrounded by a force field of immeasurable power, manned by the most vicious and efficient staff of Trained Monkeys With Swords On Their Tails™ that money can buy! No foe shall assail the will of Bob and live to tell the tale!"

You are cast into the Pit of Eternal Damnation™, deprived of the life-giving Video Games which you so crave forever more.

How to Purchase

A mere 2,532 Hope Diamonds can get you the Most Powerful System On Earth Or In Any Nearby Galaxies™

So you've finally come to your senses and are ready to buy a Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow? Welcome to the Dark Side, my son. As most of mankind doesn't have enough money to purchase it outright (A quick way to find out is to count up all the cash you have, add to it the number of countries you own, and then subtract the amount of cash you have. If the result is less than fifteen (15), you'll need some more dough), BobIsTheBestAndYouSuckSoft, Inc. offers convenient financing programs. First you sign away your house, your car, your children (present and future), and any bottlecap collections you may have, then you agree to give the rest of your life in service to BobSoft. After you are dead a Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow will be dedicated to your honor and given to needy CEOs of video game companies.

When Can I Get One?

Although a civilization sufficiently advanced to use the technology involved in constructing the Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow does not yet exist, the statistical likelihood is that one day it will. Therefore a note has been written and sealed in an envelope marked "Do Not Open Until The Technology Required To Construct A Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow Has Been Discovered And Time Travel Is Possible". The expectation is that at some point the envelope will be opened and the citizens of the future, with nothing better to do, will manufacture Phantom CubeBox 2-Cows and send them back in time for our use. Since this will have already, effectively, happened, you might say that we already have potential PCB2Cs in stock. Buy one! You must! The safety of the nation, nay, the world, depends on it!

This version not portable enough for ya? How about this?
Halley's Comet Software, whatever that is.
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