Let's say you're a busy person, always on the go. Like a fortune teller or disposable facial tissue dispenser repairman. In the long hours you spend tending to your profession and travelling from place to place you have grown bored and seek some additional stimulation in your life. But the "count the cars" game is only good for 18.2 days of continuous play (based on recent research by the Betcha Didn't Care Institute), the mail-order bride check seems to have been lost in the mail, and Some Other Reason. The one day you discover the new and exciting technology of Tele-Vision, which allows one to gain entertainment and information from far away places. What excites you most is the explosive field of interactive entertainment, Video Game as the lesser-minded call it, the king of which is the mighty Phantom CubeBox 2-Cow So you strap a TV to the hood of your car and replace the steering wheel with a controller and enjoy many fine hours with great joy. After the first dozen traffic accidents you realize that there must be a better way... well you were wrong! But now you are right! Behold!


(Phantom cubebox 2-cow CarryAroundAble)

Artist's rendition

This device of splendidness is the answer to all your petty wants and needs. With use of it, enabled to situate in position as in dreamland!
The PCAA is exactly like its Big Brother, except different in every way! It provides many of the following features (guess which and get one free!): Additonally, the PCAA (or Super Device Item as we at the factory call it!) is the only thing you will ever need for the rest of your life (a claim no company make or perfect!). It is not only a highly useful and entertaining console of Video Game Play, but also a: Duh, I've kinda run out of clever things to say. Buy a GBA SP!