N64 Programs
Neon64An NES emulator for the N64The Neon64 sub-page
Christmas/New Year's Flame DemoA simple text scrollerDownload (7.15 KB)
Super Fighter DemoA music-playing, text-scrolling, background-animating, flame-effecting demo that I worked on with Death AdderGet it at the Official Super Fighter Website
Cap64A tool for taking screenshots of N64 programs, complete with a companion tool to load the captured images off of a v64jr. Source included. Download (26.2 KB)
PC Programs
64th NotePlay N64 music in WinampUSF Page
NESIDDisplays information about iNES format NES ROMs. Source included.Download (66.9 KB)
4D Graphing DemoShows what a 4 dimensional graph might actually look like by plotting a complex function on the x, y, pseudo-z, and time dimensions of the screen. Requires the Borland runtime graphics librariesDownload (46.3 KB)
AYBRemember All Your Base Are Belong To Us? This program displays Cats just like in the intro and types out a message in the same mode as Zero Wing. Purely for entertainment purposes . . .Download (43.8 KB)
Bio ProgramSince I wrote this four years ago for a Biology/Comp Sci final project I've been debating whether or not to put it online... well here it is. The only thing of any interest will probably be the intro (which I put together as a bonus the night before it was due). Mr. Perka was my Bio teacher who assigned the project. Includes source for anyone who wants to see how the cheap effects are done.Download (133 KB)
Chemical Mass CalculatorA very useful little utility to calculate the formula mass of a substance. Includes an up-to-date periodic table and an easy DOS command line interface.Download (34.0 KB)
Flame DemoA demonstration of a flame effect for the PC, with nice color-cycling and a cool fade out. Made entirely in one day, from concept to finished program.Download (38.2 KB)
HCS logo demoA particle-system demonstration with a comet exploding.Download (38.4 KB)
Random Landscape GeneratorUses a statistical algorithm that I developed (accidentally) to plot a nice terrain, with stars!Download (36.2 KB)
Lava Lamp ExperimentAn attempt at making a Lava Lamp effect. Not entirely successful, but interesting nonetheless.Download (35.8 KB)
888-byte Mandelbrot PlotterWritten entirely in 80x86 assembly, this very small program has a fully functional mouse interface for zooming in on the Mandelbrot set. Also includes a slightly larger version of the program with a nicer color scheme.Download (with readme) (7.41 KB)
Download (programs only) (1.62 KB)
PiNimationA screensaver-type program that calculates PI via the Monte Carlo algorithm and uses various bits of data from that calculation to make a nice visual effect.Download (29.7 KB)
Escape from TOOSMALLA game that I made as part of a programming class. It's rather dinky as it stands, but the point was just to get used to C++ classes, which are used extensively. Aidan Schwarz, a classmate of mine, helped write this program.Download (39.5 KB)
Spherecizer 2001Calculates the "volume" of an n-dimensional sphere using the Monte Carlo algorithm. Can also be used to calculate PI . . .Download (39.7 KB)
NES Program(s)
Escape from PongMy first NES game, entered into the 1k category of the 2003 MiniGame Compo EFP Sub-page
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